The Healthy Alternative to Vending
  • Keeps employees on-site for meals, potentially reducing lateness & the need for travel
  • Near limitless selection of food and beverage choices, including healthier options
  • No "hung" products, loss of money or refund hassles
  • No empty spaces or broken machines means fewer service calls
  • Browse, touch, and feel items, and view nutritional content before purchasing
  • Go Green - Avanti Markets use less energy than traditional vending
What Do You Need?
  • A dedicated space for the market location
  • Power supply for market equipment
  • Internet access
  • Non-Commission pricing with tax
  • A minimum of 200 employees
Completely Customizeable

Complete 24-hour security camera-monitored system

Our kiosk allows you to display your company's important announcements or events on the screen

Choose from a huge list of products and healthier options:

  • Fresh fruits & salads
  • Deli sandwiches, subs, soups, & meal options
  • Premium beverage, sparkling drinks, & juice varieties
  • Popular salty snacks, candies, gum, and mints
  • Low calorie, low fat, healthy alternatives
  • Breakfast sandwiches, pastries, & cereals
  • Ice cream & other frozen treats
  • Take-home items such as milk, bread, & pizza
Watch the Video

A video introduction to Avanti Markets. Check it out!