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To say that Gary has worked his way up through the ranks would be an understatement. He started in the warehouse when he was first hired in 1978. Gary later became a Route Driver, then a Route Supervisor, Service Manager and General Manager before accepting his current assignment. As Controller, Gary is responsible for all of the company’s accounting and financial functions.
Keith Sharber
Executive Vice President
Another Canteen veteran, Keith transitioned from the radio broadcasting industry in 1987 to serve as Sales Manager. After 15 years of marketing the company’s products and services, Keith was District Manager 5 years for the Evansville territory, was named Human Resources Manager in July 2007, Vice President in October 2009. Keith became Executive Vice President in October 2013 with responsibilities for Canteen Service of Owensboro, Canteen Service of Kentuckiana, the Derringer Food Group and the John Conti Coffee Company. Outside of work, Keith is a cycling enthusiast.
Franchise President
All daily operations are under Keith’s oversight. He joined the Canteen family in 1988 serving first as a Route Driver. Survant was promoted into the management group as a Route Supervisor in 1991 and later accepted even more responsibility as Service Manager and then District Manager. In his current Franchise Operations Manager role, Keith offers both customers and Team Members a strong understanding of our business and a great enthusiasm to get things accomplished.
Stefanie Oller
Director of Sales and Marketing
Stefanie joined the Canteen family in 2009 with over 15 years of sales & marketing experience. She is very determined; goal oriented & is always at ease when meeting & greeting people. As Director of Sales and Marketing she is oversees all franchise sales opportunity, micro-market concepts, office refreshment , correctional sales and all marketing for the company.
Lacey Harville
Human Resource Manager
Lacey joined the Canteen family in November 2006. She is a graduate from Western Kentucky University with a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management. She was promoted to HR Manager in September 2013 after several years of working in the Human Resources Department. Lacey and her husband, Jason, have three children.
Shawn T. McNeely
Evansville/Owensboro District Manager
A food service veteran, Shawn joined the Canteen family in 1998. He served a stint as the company’s Jasper, Indiana operation manager before relocating to Owensboro in 2003 as Area Vending Manager. Shawn assumed his current responsibility for the Owensboro/Evansville operations in December 2008.
Jeff Beasley
Louisville District Manager
Born and raised in Indiana, Jeff has over 20 years of management experience. He joined the Canteen team as part of the Louisville acquisition in August 2011. Jeff and his wife, Shelly, have two daughters, Olivia and Emma. Most of Jeff and Shelly’s free time is spent attending basketball, volleyball and golf tournaments in which Olivia and Emma are participants. Jeff truly believes that great people give great service and produce great results!
Tina Edmonson
Market Manager
Tina joined the Canteen family in April of 2015. She brought with her a wealth of experience in the food service industry. Tina first began in the food service industry by working in her father’s BBQ restaurant. She moved on to manage both casual/fine dining restaurants and convenience stores. Rounding out her great qualifications as Canteen Market Manager, Tina also spent several years in a marketing position for a family owned food distributor. Outside of work….there’s never a dull moment in Tina’s life. She is married, has 5 children and grandchildren. Her love of time with her family makes every day an adventure and brings a smile to her face.
Bobby Locke
Columbus, Indiana Area Vending Manager
Bobby joined Canteen in January 2012 as a Route driver. In August 2012 he was promoted to CSM. Bobby has 15 years of management experience in the retail and food service industries. Bobby and his wife, Dawn, have one daughter, Riley. In his spare time he loves to go to Riley's swim meets to watch her compete.
Jack Bailey
Louisville Area Vending Manager
Originally from Northern Kentucky, Jack relocated to Houston, TX to begin a career in vending and food service in 1982. He spent 18 years there working for 2 different vendors and relocated to Louisville, KY in 2000 to take a position with Williams Food Service. Jack became a member of the Canteen Family, as Louisville Area Vending Manager, in August of 2011. He and his wife, Debbie, have 3 children (2 sons and a daughter) and 2 beautiful granddaughters that they enjoy very much. Home improvement projects take up much of Jack’s time away from work.
Evansville Area Vending Manager
Scott joined the Canteen family in January of 2010. He started as a route driver and was soon promoted to the role of Customer Service Manager. Scott had five years previous management experience…part in retail sales. Outside of work…Scott is a guitar enthusiast and enjoys playing music.
Nancy Goldsmith
Elizabethtown Area Vending Manager
Nancy began working with the Canteen family in March of 2009 as one of our Office Coffee representatives and in the warehouse. Then in March of the next year went on to be a route driver. Nancy was promoted to Customer Service Manager in August of 2011. Nancy and her husband Brian have six children. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, watching a good movie and seeing the Steelers win.
Angie Atherton
Loss Prevention & Information Systems Manager
Angie is another Canteen veteran…having joined our company in early 1987. Her first assignment was as a cashier and then later as a data entry/evaluation specialist. It was in this position that Angie became the resident expert in our company on the vending software and route accountability systems/standards. Angie was promoted to the specially created position of Loss Prevention and Information Systems Manager in February of 2009.
Ginny Vinson
Area Dining Manager
By virtue of her family having owned and operated an Owensboro restaurant for many years…Ginny was “born” into the food service business. Even as a teenager, Ginny was expected to work in the family business. She later attended Western Kentucky University…but the lure of the restaurant business persisted. After management stints with two nationally known casual dining restaurants, Ginny joined the Canteen family in February of 2011. Ginny has two children and, in her spare time, she enjoys running, listening to music and is a concert buff.
Brad Clouse
Area Dining Manager
Brad is a Canteen veteran, having joined the company in 1992. Prior to joining the Canteen family, Brad was a manager in a casual dining restaurant. During his tenure with Canteen, Brad has served in numerous food service management capacities including catering, unit manager, college and university dining and senior nutrition management.
Western KY Customer Relations Manager
Mike joined the Canteen family in 2003 and brought with him nearly 30 years of experience as an owner/operator in the vending industry. The University of Kentucky graduate also has 13 years of experience in the banking industry. Mike and his wife, Deborah, have five daughters.
Judy Berry
Louisville Field Support Manager
Judy joined the Canteen team as part of the Louisville acquisition in August 2011. She has over 35 years of experience in food/vending business, starting out with Canteen as a Maintenance Coordinator and was promoted to Field Support Manager November 2 2012. Judy and her husband, Les loves to travel in their spare time.
Paul Murphy    
Owensboro Field Support Manager
Paul was born in Louisville....but his family moved to Owensboro in 1987. Paul joined the Owensboro Canteen family as a Preventative Maintenance Technician in 1999 soon after graduating from Apollo High School. When not orchestrating the repair and/or movement of Canteen vending machines...Paul enjoys riding motorcycles with his wife Tracie.
Anthony Adcock
Louisville Customer Service Manager
Anthony joined the Canteen family in August of 2011. He began his full-line vending career in 2001, and was promoted to a management role in 2008. Anthony and his wife, Jesse, have two children. In his spare time he loves to get out on the golf course.
Mike Jackson
Owensboro Customer Service Manager
Mike became a part of the Canteen family in April 2013. He began his career in the vending/food service industry in 2008. While at work Mike enjoys interactions with our customers and Canteen Team Members. Outside of work Mike's family is priority #1, but he also has a special affection for the National Football League.
Mike Roberts
Elizabethtown Customer Service Manager
Mike started in August of 2010 as a Iroute driver and was promoted to CSM October of 2012. My wife Jessica and I have one son Zander and we love to watch the Steelers and Louisville Cardinals win! In my time off I enjoy playing sports and speaking at my church.
Bowling Green Customer Service Manager
Craig began his career with Canteen in October of 2013 as an Account Merchandiser. In just a few months Craig was promoted to EE Trainer and shortly after that was promoted to the position of Customer Service Manager. Craig brings several years of management and customer service experience to the Canteen Family. Craig is a firm believer that hard work pays off. Craig enjoys spending his off time with his family and being active in his church.
Jordan McGehee
Owensboro Customer Service Manager
I started with Canteen in June 2010, promoted to EE Trainer 3 years later, and recently promoted to CSM in November 2014. I enjoy visiting the various types of accounts and meeting our customers. Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my wife, Mary, and our daughter Bailey. I am an avid Dallas Cowboys and UK fan.
Travis Hicks
Evansville Customer Service Manager
I started at the Owensboro Canteen in the Fall of 2011. I was promoted to EE Trainer and then promoted to Customer Service Manager of the Evansville Branch November 2014. I enjoy coming to work with a good attitude and accomplishing the goals I have set. I also enjoy music, sports, and movies.
Dave Pinion
Louisville Customer Service Manager