At your service for over 25 years

We are locally owned and are a franchise partner of the Canteen Corporation, a part of the largest food service company in the world, The Compass Group. (Bigger than McDonalds)
For Over 25 years we have operated over 19 dining Centers with over 150 employees.

All Canteen Culinary and Dining Center employees undergo food safety training and are tested and certified in ServSafe training. We require annual and ongoing food service training and have a registered Dietician on Staff. All staff will be properly dressed in Canteen supplied Uniform Shirts, Pants and Slip Resistant Shoes.

Canteen Kitchen Programs
  • Master Cleaning Program; Daily, Weekly, Monthly Cleaning Checklists
  • HAACP Logs (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
  • Food Safety Planning Guide
  • Monthly Food Safety Self inspection
  • Weekly Inventory
  • Food Training Programs
  • On-Going Associate Training
  • Uniform Program
  • Management support